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Our Capabilities

Enhanced Technical Support and Services

Incident Response

AFC will help your organization regain much needed operational assurance once an incident is discovered. From identification through deficiency remedies, AFC will help you comprehend the extent of the risk and provide effective mitigation techniques for future risks. Through years of extensive analysis, AFC can also interpret clues pointing to the likely origin of the incident as well as motive from the perpetrators involved.


AFC is continually researching technology in the areas of cryptography and cryptanalysis. Our research is centered around ongoing efforts that ensure the security technologies our clients use performs as expected. In conjunction with these efforts, AFC can also conduct vulnerability analysis on cryptographic systems through simulated attack scenarios.

Penetration Testing

We develop our penetration tests to depict real-world threats. This gives us a total understanding of how penetrations occur and the measures needed to fortify your organization's outer defenses. Whether it's a remote engagement, a user-assisted attack, or an attack from a trusted insider, our exhaustive testing ensures that your defenses are capable of detecting and responding to these prevalent and persistent threats.

Malware Research
& Detection

A continually growing threat, malware is capable of spiriting away your organization's most sensitive data. AFC has developed robust, comprehensive technologies to tackle and mitigate these threats. Our advanced malware discovery solutions are available as a one-time solution or as recurring service. Our solutions will strengthen your security stance and combat the threats that conventional anti-virus solutions fail to do.

Vulnerability Research

By independently evaluating custom or third party products AFC can help strengthen your organization's security posture before rolling out with those products on your trusted network. With our vast experience in the evaluation of technologies such as cryptographic protocols and web-based applications, AFC can assure your organization with the certainty it needs to operate in today's high threat environments.

Electrical Engineering

AFC's custom microelectronics lab designs and develops unique, special-purpose hardware custom tailored to suit your organization's needs. Our product suite includes items such as custom designed sensors, secure storage devices and corporate protection solutions. In addition, our field-programmable (FPGA) processing platforms offer countless advantages across a variety applications.

Network Security

AFC's network security monitoring implements real-time feedback regarding the competencies of a network's security as it is confronted with new threats and business driven system restructuring. Our datacenter solutions provide continual, system-wide monitoring along with status updates and alerts. AFC's live motion-sensing video defenses and custom hardware provide round-the-clock assurance for your organization's most sensitive resources.


Our comprehensive solutions to secure voice and data communications are designed to safeguard your organization's communications both domestically and abroad. Our discerning engineers deliver secure communications to both fixed and mobile devices on a global scale. Our end-to-end network solutions encompass network access control and intrusion prevention, network configuration and management software applications, and perceptive switching and routing solutions.

Contract Vehicles

Applied Fundamentals' contract schedules allow all U.S. Government entities to utilize the broad range of services that we have to offer.

Specialized Services

Applied Fundamentals provides specialized, multi-disciplined services to meet our clients' most challenging business requirements.

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